This grand occasion to find investment opportunities and form new business partnerships is the Middle East meeting point for developers, investors and real estate professionals. The Cityscape event takes place in nine different locations each year (Abu Dhabi, Egypt, India, Jeddah, Korea, Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey and Dubai), with Dubai hosting the international Cityscape Global version. With the programme filled with numerous activities and inspirational presentations divided by topic (Market overview, Real estate brokers, Architecture) and an extensive set of successful developers exhibiting the designs (among other famous names are also Emaar Properties, Nakheel Properties or Meydan Group).


The conference was held on Friday, September 5 at the Conrad Dubai Hotel, one day before the launch of the exhibition. The program was set in motion by an opening in the Grand Ballroom, the following presentations continued in conference rooms provided by the hotel.


The exhibition itself took place at the Dubai World Trade Centre, with its favourable position between old and new part of the metropolis. The distinguishing features of historic residential and retail areas and landscaped parks of the city are complemented by  modern business, shopping, hotel and entertainment districts. The advantageous location near Sheikh Zayed Road, the centre lies in the vicinity of Dubai’s most sought-after attractions. The multipurpose halls of the complex hosting the event have a total capacity of up to 12,000 people.


The marvellous scaled model of Burj Khalifa was crafted out of 40 blocks of crystal as a 12 feet tall flawless replica of the significant skyscraper developed by Emaar Properties. The admirable craftsmanship involved 35 different processes which brought the model to perfection.



The spotlight has been focused on the feat of architecture designed by the exceptional Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Located in Dubai’s Creek Harbour, the monument aspiring to become the world’s highest building is being referred to as ‘The Tower‘. The graceful, impressive contours of the central shape are softened by the use of anchor ropes creating a veil surrounding the lower part of the tower.

The architect, known for his fondness of finding inspiration in the natural environment, explains that the design originated in the form of a lily flower. The tall, slender stem, the smooth shape of the flower bud and delicate ribbing of the leaves are reflected in the tower’s appearance. The concept also represents the celebration of progress, prosperity and life itself, inviting and welcoming not only locals, but visitors from around the world.