A corporate social responsibility policy acts as a form of self-regulation for a company, setting a standard to ensure its own ethical code as well as complying with legal requirements and benefiting the wider public as well as clients. This approach has led to companies exploring new ways to “give back” including donating man hours or volunteer work, reducing environmental footprints and investing in sustainable practices and products. The multi-layer concept consists of four aspects of responsibilities: economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic.

From an architecture and design company’s standing point, there is primarily the environmental, economical and social responsibility to consider. As a progressive, ambitious company, ANDREA KLIMKO ARCHITECTS invests a great deal of effort, man hours or pro bono work into activities such as contributing to society through educational events raising awareness of sustainable solutions and other pressing issues.

From application of sustainable and environmentally responsible design to individual projects to providing internship opportunities for students and young architects; from pointing out necessary changes within public spaces through participation in the Urban Interventions to organising exhibitions and lectures promoting women in architecture through the nonprofit organisation Women Architects – the studio follows a path with a goal to make a real change in society.