The main issue of the project has been an exceptionally prompt delivery of the proposal, since the major part of the process had to be formed directly on the location, Florida‘s Atlantic coast. The architect Andrea Klimko travelled to Miami to take charge of choosing the materials and furniture pieces, visiting showrooms and discussing designs while coordinating the work in the studio to get the virtual models regularly updated.

Right after landing in Miami, the architect had to take care of preparations such as measuring the rooms, documenting the current state of the apartment and creating precise flooring layouts. Overseeing the craftsmen working on the space was also necessary to guarantee the perfection of delicate details.



The tricky part was having to switch to the different unit system, scale, design taste and market. The standards of the typical American vary substantially from the clients in Europe or Asia. In USA it is the size, comfort, solidity and sturdiness that are desired in particular. The colossal king-sized beds, massive leather chairs and sofas, luxuriously wide TV screens all had to fit into rooms of size closer to European standards. The disproportion had to be handled carefully.



The most important factor while selecting materials was the immediate availability in the stores or showrooms, while some of the items were ordered online. It was essential to go through every aspect with the client and the detailed selection of required items with 1000 pieces on the list.






As the penthouse is planned to be used for renting, the interior is designed accordingly. The character of the apartment reflects fondness for travelling as well as the strong identity of the location.


The project by Andrea Klimko Architects can be found on this website Andrea Klimko Architects: Penthouse Florida.