Design directors: Andrea Klimko
Co-author: Pavol Kollar
Cooperation: Lubos Agnet
  Martin Bosik
  Monika Kubicsekova
  Martin Lepej
  Zuzana Panikova
  Martin Sokol
Year: 2009-2011
Location: Trnava, Slovakia
Plot area: 1410 sqm
Built-up area: 1280 sqm
Floor area: 4920 sqm
No. of apartments: 18
No. of offices and shops: 18, 34 parking places

Leonardo building offers a good mix of complementary functions on one place like apartments, offices, shop units and services. Its functional diversity combined with the town character has an ambition to revive this part of the historical centre and offers a cultivated environment and high-quality public spaces. The Mixed-use building Leonardo is located in the north-eastern part of the historical heart of Trnava, the city known as “Little Rome”. Located in the city zone on Holleho St., it is surrounded by a palatial university, Archiepiscopal Office, purely Baroque St. John the Baptist Cathedral, Cathedral of St. Nicolas, city tower, and other valuable historical buildings.

Architectural design is based on two building characters – extroverted and introverted, supported by materials and colours. Homogenous building materials have a natural dark-grey colour while the subtractive materials contain a white variety of colour.