Design director: Andrea Klimko
Cooperation: Martin Bosik
  Roman Rosina
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Plot area: 1 450 sqm 
Floor area: 8 900 sqm
No of apartments: 66


Luxury residential building coated in calmness

The contemporary housing project Mendelsohn is an arrangement of apartment units, equipped with shops, offices and underground parking. Its characteristic feature is the pure white and smoothly elegant design, consisting of fine, clear shapes and curves. Named after the architect Erich Mendelsohn in honour of his work, the building displays a strong reference to the dynamic and expressive forms of functionalism, as well as the signature sensuous style of its author Andrea Klimko.



The residence’s position within Bratislava

The aim of the architectural concept was to bring new architectural quality to the gates of Podunajské Biskupice, which will complete the street line of the newly erected building development along Kazanská street. In recent years, the street used solely as a transport corridor has turned into a suburban boulevard. On both sides it is enclosed by new approx. 6-8 storey apartment houses with amenities that ensure balance in the surrounding stereotypical panel construction teeming with rich segmentation and varied colour of the facade. A new 11 storey apartment building should be the white dot at the end of this new housing development located on the corner of Kazanská and Krajinská.

Mendelsohn residence with its surroundings

Design based on the pure white visual

The architecture of the proposed building is based on delicate shapes and elegant un-colourfulness. It emanates from the intuitive need to soften the rough character of the industrial area located near a busy traffic route. The architectural concept builds upon the principal of contrast of the “hard” grey area and “soft” white architecture. The name of the house is a reference to the early works and designs of Erich Mendelsohn (1887-1953), a representative of German expressionism. The goal is to create a strong identification surrounding the house, which is different, uncommon and is not lost in the nameless area. The Mendelsohn House declares its allegiance to sensual architecture, expressionism and dynamic functionalism.

Mendelsohn residence with its surroundings

The soft ambience and gently sculpted shapes of the interiors

The architecture as well as the interior design builds on the fluid shapes and the pure white non-colourfulness accompanied with colourful accents – it emanates from the intuitive need to introduce stoic peace to the area.

Mendelsohn represents the closeness of sensual architectural design, expressiveness and dynamic functionalism. The interior of both the apartments, operates using compact units – cantilevered bedroom units, living room wall or kitchen island. The white colour of the fluid forms of the furniture pieces, evokes a gravity-defying impression, with its ambition to appear airborne, light and having a utilitarian ephemeral appearance.

Mendelsohn residence with its surroundings

The harmony of the design in its entirety

In an effort to create a complex design, all of the components of the designed internal and external areas are interconnected. The aim was to design a building thought out to the smallest detail, that would introduce a uniform design from the interior of the public spaces of the building, private spaces, up to the furniture on the terrace of the apartment, or the graphic design of the logo and the complete info system of the house. The Mendelsohn apartment building is currently under construction.