Design director: Andrea Klimko
Year: 2015
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia


“The Taste” is a transformation of a neoclassical palace basement into a classy wine bar equipped with the latest technology. The design proposal represented an immense challenge for the architect; not only is the topic widely explored and realised, therefore it is getting more difficult to capture the visitor’s interest; there was also the architect’s aim to approach the issue with respect and refined taste. 

The historical concept 

The nineteenth century palace, named after its owners, the family of baron Motešický, was built around 1840 and since then it served as accommodation for the most respected visitors of the coronation ceremonies, and later as a frequent meeting place for the aristocracy. In honour of these past events, the fact of the palace being turned into a five-star hotel, high-standard apartment complex and a wine bar in the basement is a fitting fate for the building.  The design strives to enhance the value of the space using high-quality surfaces, perfectly crafted details and impressive, yet not too flashy style.



Layout attributes

The long and narrow layout of the floor, characteristic for historic basement areas, allowed for only limited options. The focus falls on the central bar area divided into several visually separated zones.

The generously proportioned entrance area leads to the longitudinal bar zone where the attention is concentrated. Claiming a seat here means engaging in the lively and exciting social interaction. One of the individual items designed originally for the wine bar has been the massive wooden board suspended on metal chains, as the main attraction of the space. Having the ability to be pulled up to the vaulted ceiling or to be lowered to a momentarily required height of a table, the system offers flexible and efficient use of the room.

The partially detached side parlour is filled with a more subdued atmosphere and allows for intimate conversations. The additional background facilities of the bar are discreetly hidden out of plain sight, yet comfortably accessible. 





Colour, texture and light

The carefully selected materials and elements of furniture blend into a theme reminiscent of the past periods of aristocratic grandeur. The combination of various materials invites you to reach out and feel the textures, as the warm wood surfaces connect with heavy supporting chains, smooth leather of the seats and glass reflecting the ambient light. In some places a couple of black & white photograph wallpapers replace the subtly backlit layer of fabric stretched in a geometric pattern on most of the walls. These micro perforated sheets serve as an acoustic material and reduce the noise pollution within the narrow space.

The lighting in the bar operates in a double mode; while the evening mode distributes light in the golden shade of the sun setting slowly over the lanes of a vineyard, it is also possible to imitate the exact attributes of daylight necessary for judging the wine colour during the process of tasting.






Lightning in winebar the TASTE






The Taste is a petite and elegant wine universe which can change its atmosphere around the individual event taking place inside. Its design offers comfort and a relaxing atmosphere, and a lively air of exciting interaction at the same time.